32 weeks update :)


Eeeek.. Am 32 weeks today! Gosh dont know where the time has gone.. Just feels like yesterday when i was 7 weeks!! And now this baby is going to be here reall soon! 

They say the baby is the size of a kale now on my pregnancy app.. (All i know is that yes its big!) … Am starting to get to the stage where now its like hurry up and im bored already for this waiting game for the next few weeks!! I jus can see this baby coming within the next 6 weeks cause i think we r both getting irritated! And i jus feeel like a whale!!!!! 

I also had my antenatal appointment today and was told the head is down and babys in position which freaked me out even more like **** its getting close! Everything else was good aswell which put my mind at rest…

Just cant imagine me, myself and i with 2 children in like 2 months time .. eeek.. What am i going to do? What am i going to be like? Will i favour one child over the other.. How does it work hahhaha ;)… 

I belive this is the right time for my hospital bag as im back at college and will be busy with that for the next 6 weeks so wnt really have time to do it.. Whilst i was packing i was like omg am i forgetting anything. Do i need something.. Its like my mind has gone blank and have forgotton my first childs experience (except the labour!!☺️) .. Did loads of baby shopping this week! Makes it feel more real! 

Is there anybody else out there whos in the last trimester.. How r u feeling? Anyone want to share the feelings of having two children.. Would love to hear about your journeys!! 

  1. Student Mummy xxx


Pregnancy Update… 30 Weeks and counting!

How far along? 30 weeks
Maternity clothes?  Hell yes, and actually quite suprising as didn’t need them with my first
Stretch marks?  None, only previous
Sleep: Had a few rough nights and a few good, all due to me being comfortable and also if Esaa sleeps through the night as a 2year old should.
Best moment this week:  Little baby Aaryan is moving more than ever… showing us his way.. Exciting!!
Miss anything?  Being able to walk as much as i usually do 😦 my only form of excercise
Food cravings: Solero ice creams again like in my 1st pregnancy, cakes, spicy stuff
Anything making you queasy or sick? a smell my nose might not like at that particular moment Lol…
Gender: Boy.
Labour signs: Nope thank god!
Symptoms: Tiredness, Laziness, Cravings are stronger than ever (Ice Creams ;)), Tummy and Back aches and Horrendous Leg Cramps that hurt!
Belly button in or out?  Out
Wedding rings on or off: Rings are off
Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy and Moody – can’t contemplate
Looking forward to: Finishing my college course and getting my grades for Uni!