For my Dad …

I know a man of humility, love and kindness.
This man is not so famous to the world but he is so famous in my world.
To raise kids ain’t an easy job, With a wage that wasn’t enough,
Growing up in an environment so down to earth,
He made sure the kids followed what he demanded for,
He made them all disciplined,well behaved and independent souls.
It wasn’t an easy task for him,
Though rough from outside,soft from inside,
Thinking for others first before his ‘s is the motto of his life.
This man whom I know for years and is none other than my Dad..
My hero, my inspiration of strength and also my great weakness,
This man have stood by me in all my imperfections, giving me strength and encouraging me towards perfections. Taught me to fight the wild storms in life,
Taught me to love selflessly,
Taught me to stand tall and strong.
No books or no teachers would have taught what my dad taught me.
He has seen much of life, Some great,some not,helped us be what we want to be No matter where I may be,what I may do or who I may become, I am sure my father’s always there for me.
He has been a solid rock for me in times of hardships.
A strong personality who thought I could move the mountain so easily,
He is the person who toiled day and night to make sure our needs fulfilled.
He is a man like no other.
With every year that passes dad, you are so special for me than before.
I have no words to the describe my wonderful memories,
But I am a lucky and proud daughter to have a dad like you.
You are the strength of me standing tall,
You made me live my life with heads held high,
You stood by me to wipe my tears whenever I cried.
You are the best among the rest, You are the first person whom I could talk to about things,
You accepted all my flaws And made me a better person with your love,
You are my guiding force, My light ,my god in disguise.
You are just amazing dad any daughter would have.
Its been so long I haven’t seen you for me to say I love you Dad.
You are the gem of my life,
My hero,
My guide and the moderator of my life.

I Love You Dad….x Rest in Peace x