‘Mummmyy’ (on repeat). How does it make you feel? 

Mummy mummy mummy mummy… Its like a broken record! Lol.. I love my son to bits and he is my world but what is their obsession with “mummyy” on a repeat button when you are physically standing right infront of them or even holding them! (Sigh) 

Does anybody else face this problem?

Theres no better feeling in this whole world when your kids are calling you mummy and showing you love and they only want you to do everything nobody else! But the contstant mummy phase is a no no. Why do you think they do that? 

With my son whos just turned 2, its a mummy thing when he cries or gets annoyed about something and thats it the record starts. But he has phases sometimes, he will do it every day and sometimes he will do it once in a blue moon but i want to know what triggers it to give them that unsafe feeling?? 

For the last 2 weeks he was ill on and off, and when the kids are ill you know they get more close to you and attached and dont want to leave your side ..not even to let you go to the bloody toilet :(..! I knew that was going to trigger the constant attachment and he is not going to leave my side. But then he has these moments where he is fine and has no issues what so ever, but the second he is told off by someone else like his grandmother then the first word comes out of his mouth is mummmyyy!!  I dont even wish to sound spiteful lol, but it does get rather irritating when you are asking your child to explain what is the matter (where he can speak fluently) they just stare at you, cry and press the repeat button for mummy! And its like immm here baby whats the matter… “Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. Mummy ” 

They make it seem like its the end of the world. The answer is why? Do you know why? Do your kids do the same? Is it simply a phase that he will grow out off?? (I hope so before baby no2 comes, Omg can u imagine them both screaming mummy in my face 😘😘😘) 



2 thoughts on “‘Mummmyy’ (on repeat). How does it make you feel? 

  1. Hi there, this post made me smile, (not in a mean way) just because my little boy who 2 1/2 went through the same thing and I would want to pull my hair out because I would be asking him what was wrong and he would just be crying. I can tell you that with my son it was just a phase and at 2 1/2 he is now increasingly independent although a new phase for us is tantrums in public which is sooooo embarrassing.


    • Hey hun.. I hope its a phase.. He does it more when hes ill or down to be honest .. But them tantrums in public iv had them for ages with my son and he does it so everyone can feel his anger and pain hahah.. Embarassing much! So i have to think twice of where i am going to whether to take the buggy or not!! 🙂


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