Its the Student Mummy :)

In the social media world, there’s no shortage of blog posts so I thought id just add myself as an extra addition to all you bloggers out there (hope you don’t mind ;))..

So.. What am I going to be talking about??? I will be going to talk about my life as a mother and a student mainly and just trying to juggle it all together and I would love to hear how you guys are doing as well.. Other topics I shall be blogging are just basic everyday things, well as I am currently expecting my second child in about 7-10 weeks Eeeeek! there will be some pregnancy journals and top tips which I am sure all you other expecting mummies out there would like to hear about and also you guys can also advise me too and share your opinions and thoughts. I might blab on about my assignments at college at the moment and my journey in getting into university with a 2-year-old and my pregnancy in the way etc.. so just my life really guys!

So all I would like to ask from you lovely people out there is some support and some love to this student mummy’s new blog.. I will try not to be boring Lol.. 🙂

Have a good day and i shall be up and running soon.

Student Mummy x


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